About us

team love-it is a brand established by a young, multi talented team inspired by art, design, architecture and fashion. The founding vision is one of an idea that would unite different aspects of a day to day lifestyle into a unique, uniform concept. Keeping this idea alive, we aim to bring the most unique, inspiring and qualitative, to create an extraordinary way of living.

Nana Farmakis
Nana is the heart of the style and character! Influenced by different artistic schools and trends as the 80s, Bauhaus, post-modernism and industrialism her interior decorations are characterized by their classy character with a romantic touch as well as daring industrial interiors such as the showroom interior, where unexpected teared walls, naked cement ceilings and concrete floors meet elegant designs from top modern brands.

Her studies started with Marketing communications in London and afterwards derailed to meet interior design and a thesis in textiles and colours.

She can be found at the showroom.

Petros is the person to talk about shippings, product technical information and interior architecture. He is in charge of the overseas projects and is involved in most of the domestic projects requiring technical knowledge. Talented by nature, he is our Mac Quiver, when everything else fails, Petros comes to the resque!

Influenced by the 80s he is a fan of the pop culture, loves Andy Warhol, the Bauhaus movement, industrialism and believes in the uniqueness of personal style.

His studies include Marketing management and Marketing communications, artistic painting and architectural design.

Well experienced in the clothing and fashion industry, Haris is mostly involved with the clothing and accessories section of With a natural talent in colour and textile combinations, he has an «eye» for the new fashion trends.

He can be found in the concept showroom preparing new arrivals or in samplings around Europe in a quest to find the freshest designs.

In charge of photo shoots, Ioanna will zoom in on product photos intended for the website but also on full-scale projects. Her portfolio includes interiors, portraits, food, as well special photo shoots for book covers, providing her with the experience necessary to acquiring the maximum out of each shot.

Inside the team, she's the exception to the cat or dog question...

She’s the one taking care of the day to day operations in but beyond her communication skills Maria loves functional design especially on everyday, utilitarian items.

Favourite item is the Seletti Robot Lamp and the whole Hybrid range as she has a soft spot for Art de la table. Favourite colour is green although she always wears black!
Big advocate of "form follows function”, Xenia has many interests ranging from urban planning to interior design.

Verra Italianna, Erica studied in Centro Studi Aziendali and is characterized by her optimism, spontaneity and deep love for Design, a characteristic that makes her the best guide through the complicated and colorfull world of Design.

Favourite designers are Patrizia Urquiola and Marcantonio. She is to be found in Thessaloniki.

The Golden Hall smile! Andreas can be found in the golden, you guessed it, in Golden Hall! He loves discussing about design, technical details and the stories behind the design of iconic pieces as his favourite Melt light.

Alkis on wheels! Alkis scours the streets of Athens daily, delivering from the tiniest, little glass to the largest piece of design. He is the team’s silent power, he loves long distance deliveries, anything that feels like a road trip and unboxing! His favourite piece is the Burlesque Giant (3 Monkeys) candleholder.