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Loveitconcept The company reserves the right to revise or modify freely the conditions and terms of trade from the online store, so it sees fit, with an obligation to inform consumers of whatever change comes through the pages of this shop . contracts through the online store may be established in the Greek language.

Information and Products

Loveitconcept The company is committed to accuracy, completeness truly regarding the information listed in the online store, so the identity of the COMPANY as time passes and transactions through the online store. The company, in good faith shall not be liable and is not bound for errors due to an error in the recording of electronic data in the store ..


The company Loveitconcept in trade from the online store is not responsible for any damage that may result from the execution or orders or by delaying implementation of any reason.The online store branded Loveitconcept doesn’t  guarantee for the availability of products, but undertakes to promptly inform customers of the non availability. The online store provides the content (information, names, photos, illustrations) products and services available through its website as'' just are.'' In any event the company Loveitconcept is not responsible civil or criminal for any damages (direct, special or consequential, which, without limitation, alternatively and / or accumulated profits sinystate in Apulia, data, lost profits, financial satisfaction, etc.) that may Visitors will suffer the shop from the third reason has to do with the failure mode and / or use of this website and / or inability to provide services and / or products and / or information available from it and / or any unauthorized third party interventions in product and / or services and / or information available through it.


The entire contents of the shop, including names, marks, images, graphics, photographs, texts etc are intellectual property of Loveitconcept company and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.

Any copying, transfer or create derivative work based on content that is misleading the public about the real benefits of e-shop reproduction, uploading, posting, distribution or transmission or any other use of content in any manner or medium for commercial The other purpose is allowed only upon prior written consent of Loveitconcept company or any other beneficiary copyright rights. Names, images, logos, and distinctive features representing the online store branded Loveitconcept by third parties and their products or services are proprietary marks of the COMPANY or third parties protected by applicable trademark laws. Their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or license or right to use them.


Back to product costs the company Loveitconcept can be done in all cases where the order is executed incorrectly, that in case of delivery other than the species, ordered by type or quantity, or if the delivery type of packaging is damaged, ENTIRETY or in bulk or in the event that the species is wrong. In this case, the client must either accept the receipt of the product from the outset, or request a return, in consultation with the firm Loveitconcept. Products must be returned in the condition received by the company. If not returned within the time agreed upon in consultation with the firm Loveitconcept, then e-shop is entitled not to accept the return and therefore refuse to replace. In all cases the return of the first product should be done with all the documents accompanying the product (eg , Receipt.) and complete the package. The return of goods by debiting the company Loveitconcept  will be made either by personal transport and the COMPANY or by courier. If return products  provided that they have previously received and check the products from the company Loveitconcept, the replacement of the products will be on the same product, subject to availability or something same .In case that goods are returned damaged or incomplete e Shop has the right to seek compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the goods and make unilaterally and automatically Whose totally or partially offset the requirement of this to the client.

Product returns, which are considered DEFECTIVE in the tradition of charging Loveitconcept

If the size does not match, customer can return the product and change it with different size or another product.

Policy of our company is to not refund money back.

If a product / seen / have defective / s during delivery, return that / those will be by charging Loveitconcept. In this case, the return / defective / s product can be made by the same customer in the online store maintained by the firm, whether to send it / them itself and pay the company with expenses of reception, by means of an absolute choice and upon request of that customer's staff e-shop of Loveitconcept. The return of goods which is defective in delivery will be accepted within seven (7) calendar days from delivery to the client. Simultaneously, the product should not be damaged and has all original documentation accompanying the product (receipt  etc.) and complete the package. In case of refund, and provided that they have previously receiverd and audited by the firm are Loveitconcept

User Responsibility

Users agree and undertake not to use the online store branded Loveitconcept for:

  1. shipment, publish, send by e-mail transmission by other means any content that is illegal for any reason, causing injury and unlawful infringement on the company or any third party or breach confidentiality or confidential information of any person
  2. mission, post, post, by e-mail transmission by other means any content that causes a breach of morality, social values, etc. 
  3. shipment, publish, send by e-mail or otherwise transmit any content that users have no right to transmit under law or by valid contracts (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information obtained as part of the work relations, which are covered by confidentiality agreements).
  4. shipment, publish, send by e-mail or otherwise transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of others,
  5. shipment, publish, send by e-mail or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destruction or equipment of any operation software, hardware,
  6. intentional or unintentional violation of applicable law or provisions
  7. harassment by any third way
  8. collect or store personal data about other users.



BUSINESS Loveitconcept recognizes the importance of the issue of security of personal data and electronic transactions and has taken all necessary measures with the most modern and advanced methods to ensure maximum safety. All information related to the personal information of users. Security is guaranteed as the shop's business Loveitconcept.

Achieved through the following methods.

Personal data - Trade Secret.

The user information (names, occupation, address, home address, etc.) and transactions for users of the shop are confidential, as usual Joined transactions shop. Users in the supply of components to part of their trade as with this, you will be informed by the company and Loveitconcept acquiesce and accept the impending data processing such personal data for the purposes of smooth and simple transaction between the parties, as well as the transmission of these data accepted which will be specifically identified, the officials and servants of the COMPANY in the handling of the contract drawn up. Also in this disclosed the existence of the rights and the right to object to Article 13 of 12u N.2472/1997.