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Bonaldo Geometric Table

Summing up significant stylistic and material research, Geometric Table is a transforming shape-shifting table that plays on perspective: with a hypnotic visual effect, it looks different depending on the point of view, for a living area with a surprising personality. The concept is based on chameleon-like silhouettes, starting with the base: its four legs with drop-shaped feet appear either thick or sharp and thin, playing together to offer a different perception of their visual weight as you walk around the table.
Available upon order in different dimensions, with metal legs in different finishes and with top in wood, ceramic or marble. 
Is also available in three precious single material finishes: a special clay hand finished spatula effect which gives the entire frame a sculptural look; the Geometric Table Wood, where ebony is used to make both the top and the legs, as if the table were carved from a single block of wood; and last but not least the Geometric Table with full marble top and legs. 

Dimension, material and color options can be found in the product file.

Design: Alain Gilles

Product file

From €4400