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Saba Gala Seating System

Cristina Celestino designs for Saba the new Gala seating system, thus establishing a collaboration with the company. The project responds to the desire of investigating the sofa as a place and not only as a mere functional product. With a subtle reference to the retro-future atmosphere of sofas that inhabited the ‘70s, the new collection explores the flexibility of the upholstered object with a no gender, sculptural and sophisticated volume, which lends itself to interpreting different visions of interiors, from residential to hospitality contexts. The central backbone is a vertical element that draws pleated curves ready to accommodate, both on the front as well as on the back, a seat-pouf element of different depths. The many possible configurations give life to a "hybrid” and flexible sofa with which one can interact. Gala is also one of the planets in Star Wars and an indirect tribute to the world of stars, to the optimism and the avant-garde that characterized that era. Available on request.

Design: Cristina Celestino

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